Investigating Quality (IQ) Early Learning Environments Project 2007 Final Report

The Investigating Quality Project worked toward broadening and deepening discussions on ‘quality’ in the field of early child care and development (ECCD).

Section I provides an overview of how we set out to accomplish this by taking into consideration the literature that includes alternative discourses/ideas about quality. The role and processes engaged in by care providers is reconceptualized in this literature.

Section II presents an overview of the promotion of diverse discourses on quality that were addressed through a series of forums with international early childhood education leaders.

Section III presents a discussion of how actively engaging early childhood educators in dialogue and action would lead to the formation of sustainable and innovative caregiving environments for young children.

Section IV addresses Aboriginal leadership and quality promotion. This aspect of the IQ Project was based on earlier experiences with the First Nations Partnerships Program (FNPP) and The Early Childhood Development Virtual University (ECDVU). Both were taken into account for addressing the Canadian Aboriginal context with a Professional Specialization Certificate in ECD designation from the University of Victoria. Participants in this program completed four core applied courses: a leadership course redeveloped and led by Ms. Cindy Blackstock, a highly respected national Aboriginal leader in child and family services; ECE programming and reconceptualizing courses led by Dr. Carmen Rodriguez de France, a recent PhD and promising Aboriginal academic in ECE; and Dr. Cathy Richardson, a recent PhD and Métis leader in child, youth and family, who revised and taught a Child Development in Context course.

Section V presents conclusions and recommendations for promoting the active engagement of various stakeholders in early childhood education and care in order to continue the field’s rejuvenation.