Pedagogical Facilitator Project - Evaluation Report 2016

Since 2005, the IQ Project (2005–2011) and the Community Facilitators Project (2011–current) has fostered a “made in BC” approach to promoting quality child care. This approach has been incorporated into university-level curriculum and into additional outreach, research, and communications activities pursued by project staff and directors. Two books have been published from the project (Pacini-Ketchabaw, 2010; Pacini-Ketchabaw et al., 2015) as well as numerous book chapters (e.g., Pacini-Ketchabaw, Kocher, Sanchez, & Chan, 2009) and articles. This work is generating interest and engagement from educators and communities across BC, promoting new approaches to quality child care in BC and the continued implementation of the BC Early Learning Framework (ELF). It has also generated interest outside of BC, recently referenced in Ontario’s new Kindergarten Program (Ontario Ministry of Education, 2016).